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Hello world!


Road to Cali

We’ve all heard it before, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” My single step today involved mustering up enough courage and positive energy to put up this here blog, all while trying to nurture the idea that exposing my innermost thoughts would indeed be a healthy thing to do.

On my way into the office this morning I found it slightly harder than usual to mentally prepare for the day. For nearly four years I have been using small quirky things as part of my morning routine, like using visualization and imagery techniques to help deal with the fact I have to spend the next 8 hours with people I don’t like. For instance, while showering I imagine as if I’m standing underneath a waterfall that’s been magically formulated with small microscopic crystals, crystals that when mixed with water creates a warm mist (steam from shower) and when inhaled sends an instant rush of purifying energy throughout my body. I like to call it my shower inhaler. When my spirit, soul, higher consciousness, whatever you want to call it, has a hard time breathing, this magical mist widens my creative passageways by breaking up any toxic particles (thoughts) I inhaled from the previous day. I also find that reciting affirmations and short mantras help. I even go as far as taking the stairs at work so that I can use the physical act of ascension as a reminder to elevate my thoughts. And for a little early morning bonus, I’m greeted by one of the nicest people I know, Sharon, who always finds a way to greet me with a warm genuine smile. This morning I knew by the way she greeted me that my morning routine was not in full effect. Most often when a person who isn’t in a good mood encounters a coworker, friends, etc., the bad energy is typically overlooked, brushed off with the understanding that down swings are part of the human experience. Sharon could have easily done that, but instead she sent me a nice text message. And it wasn’t until after I read what I had sent back that I begin to understand the significance of my energy this morning. For some reason the word inertia entered my mind just as I finished reading my response. Although I knew what the word meant I still had to look it up so that I could study the definition (a practice I do sometime). What I found was this… “The term ‘inertia’ is more properly understood as shorthand for ‘the principle of inertia’ as described by Newton in his First Law of Motion; that an object not subject to any net external force moves at a constant velocity. Thus an object will continue moving at its current velocity until some force causes its speed or direction to change.”

I couldn’t help but wonder if my morning routine in itself was the single cause of my stagnation. By finding a way to cope with where I am in life right now I create an internal state of acceptance where if left unchecked will impede growth and progress. It’s been stifling any ambition that’s been trying to push its way through. Instead of simply existing within my set of circumstances, I need to use this unbridled energy I encounter everyday at work as fuel for change. What keeps us from moving forward toward the direction of our dreams, or maybe I should say instead, what’s keeping us from reaching our goals in life (I’ve always had issues with the word dream in this particular context). Why do most people simply give up? What keeps the average person from developing their idea or if it is developed what keeps them from moving it into existence? Although there are a few coworkers I respect and routinely talk to, Sharon is the only one I have a connection with. In fact, I jokingly tell her that she’s my muse. She always finds a way to inspire me. We talk about many things, including our shared passion of film. Like me, she has a desire to one day write a screenplay. Next month she’ll be heading out to Sundance film festival to volunteer. This morning while talking I mentioned how hard it is to launch projects. If manifesting ideas were easy everyone would be doing it. Just imagine how much raw energy it takes to launch the space shuttle or the foot pounds of torque to move a three thousand pound object like a mid-size pick up truck from a standstill to motion. But once it’s moving the massive amount of energy that got it moving isn’t required anymore. Momentum kicks in… and that’s exactly what I am looking for. I stated in the text message I sent back to Sharon that I should pay attention to unsettled energy I feel each morning because it represents my internal compass telling me I’m off course. Her response is what sparked the thought of inertia and unbridled energy. She wrote, “Well, at least you’re wise enough to listen to your inner voice when it speaks… most people won’t or can’t hear it.” My inner voice is yelling at me this morning that I’ve been in this stifling space of simple existence with all of my mental imagery and positive bullshit way too long… yeah, yeah I know affirmations and positive imagery has its place and is actually a healthy thing to practice… but after a while that mindset will snuff out dreams, prevent us from actually pursuing our passions, our purpose in life.


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