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Enjoying the Sweet Spot



I am up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning. Although I feel somewhat refreshed, I still have this lingering cloud over me. I don’t know… it’s been maybe a few days now since realizing that I’m no longer riding this wave of inspiration I was so fortunate to catch a few weeks ago… and I’m not ready to get off yet. I can still hear and feel its strength and momentum beneath me. As if it’s telling me that if I want to enjoy the ride a little longer, I must truly feel its massive strength and powerful momentum. Maybe if I lean into it I can feel it a little more. Lean into its momentum? How do I do that? In one of my previous blog entries I wrote briefly about inertia and why it’s important to recognize and understand what causes a change in momentum. Don’t worry, I will not dive further into Newton’s law with calculations or with any drawn out explanations of specific forces that can cause a change in momentum. The point I’m making is that as conscious beings we can directly affect the rate in which our momentum changes.

Ok, if you must have a long drawn out explanation of what I’m referring to here, do a Google search on the words life management and trajectory. I don’t remember the exact title, but I read a book some time ago about managing the trajectory of your life. If we want to get the most out of inspiration, then we must learn how to ride the wave for maximum distance. I’m talking about riding an inspirational wave. First of all, there are times it feels as if we’re not able to find inspiration… feeling as if we’re out there all alone drifting on our boards with no wave in site. But, when a wave do hit we MUST ride it. Many times we’ve been sitting for so long in our despair we don’t feel strong enough to do the things we must do to get upright. I guess what I’m exploring here is once I’m up on my board, are there things I can do to maximize the ride? Is there something physical I can do to stay up on this inspirational surfboard a little longer? Maybe it’s natural for us to assume that the massive wave will keep us moving. So, I’ll put it out there again, how do I maximize the time I have on this board? Is there a way to protect its momentum?

Music, peaceful environments, aligning with the right people, all represents ways or things I can rely on to not only enjoy the wave but to remain on it as long as I can. Remaining upright shouldn’t be my main focus. I don’t know why I’m pushing this surfing analogy. Maybe it’s one of many aspects of Southern California living that became a part of me. I lived there for about 7 years and my favorite outdoor writing spot was at the north side of the Huntington Beach Pier. If I happened to be there during an early morning surf class I would listen in with hopes of one day taking my first plunge into this exciting world of fun and sun. “If you don’t hit it at just the right moment, you’ll miss the opportunity to enjoy the sweet spot.” Although I believe there was something else lingering behind his words, I assume he meant leaping to your feet at just the right moment. He would crouch and do this strange gyration with his hips while delivering this line, and without hesitation the girls of the class would respond with giggles and laughter, as if prompted by some cue card.

So, am I riding this wave of inspiration correctly? Did I hit the sweet spot at just the right moment? One thing I do know is that I must enjoy the sweet spot. I am up this morning with my headphones on listening to music. “Fantasy,” by Earth, Wind & Fire! Ahhh, that’s it… enjoying the sweet spot will help me stay on this board, and I’ll use the wonderful world of fantasy for now to do this. My “dreams will come true right away,” the song says. Not in a sense where I’m able to immediately manifest physical things with my thoughts, although that would be nice, and there is a metaphysical principle that actually speaks of this ability where thought begets physical creation. Without a mental manifestation there would be no physical one… so the first creation of thought is much more important than the physical creation. Could you imagine if everything was thought provoked, being able to immediately bring into fruition what was on your mind?

Maybe in my next entry I’ll explore this further. But for now I’d like to use fantasy and positive imagery to maximize this wave of inspiration I’m on. No wipeouts here… not yet at least.


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