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Breaking Routine


Treadmill Blend pic2I ran 3 miles this morning, which is quite an achievement considering I haven’t run in a long time. I did manage to jump on the treadmill a couple of days ago and once this past Monday morning for slow 1 mile trots… I didn’t want to push it considering that at 43, and the fact that I’ve been off for so long, my body may not respond the way it used to. But surprisingly at the 2 mile point this morning I felt that I had gotten beyond that threshold where you feel that your body will respond nicely to whatever you demand of it. So, I decided to increase my speed to the 8 minute mile pace I was so accustom to back in 2002. I maintained it for a full quarter mile before moving back down to a 10 min/mile pace.

Running Route Irvine Blvd

Before moving back to the mid-west from Southern California I was maintaining a nice running routine. On my long runs I had gotten up to 10 and 12 miles. My body felt great and I experienced a little of that this morning. As if it was saying, “Yeah, I remember this feeling.” I must continue this morning routine of running for at least another 2 weeks before feeling extremely confident that I’ll maintain it. It’s COLD outside, and getting up at 4:45 AM to prepare for the gym is something I’d rather not do. But I’m confident that I’ll commit because I’ve got something powerful motivating me. Everyday since last Saturday I’ve been holding thoughts of my friend in my mind. Overcoming this obstacle in her life will become easier and more possible if we operate with enthusiasm and urgency. We must reach higher ground. We have to elevate our thoughts, actions and spirit to unimaginable levels. One may ask, how can one reach levels that aren’t even imaginable? It reminds me of the expression, “If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you expect to get there?” What I’m referring to is our ability to operate in such a way (again… through our actions, thoughts and our higher consciousness) where we’d give our spirit permission, through faith, to carry us to even higher levels of consciousness.

Now, if you’re someone who’d say that consciousness if nothing more than brain activity, then go ahead and simply dismiss the idea… that’s ok. In my blog entry yesterday I wrote about living in a state of perpetual optimism. Yes, that’s a great start… but it isn’t enough. For the outcome we want, much more is required. We must take action! That particular word (action) in and of itself is very powerful. But it doesn’t even come close in describing the level at which I want us to operate. Having a great attitude is very important. Without it nothing would be possible. Optimism and attitude are definitely building blocks for being able to manifest a desired outcome. With that said, I must share that I’m not only an optimist, I’m a realist. I am aware of what could happen to her. I would have no choice but to accept that. What I will not accept, however, is the lack of effort to produce the outcome we want. The way I see it, there are two paths. One filled with various facets of fear and darkness (I know you will agree that there are many) and another path illuminated with vibrations of pure love, energy and infinite possibility. You notice that I didn’t use the word, God, right? Yes, what I’m describing is a representation of that word. But I chose not to use it because it can be either restrictive or inclusive/all-encompassing… depending on how you were psychologically and socially constructed. Perhaps some other time I’ll write more about the topic of religion and faith. Before I move on, however, I would like to recommend a book titled, “Structuralism and Post-Structuralism for Beginners,” by Donald Palmer.

So, again the path that I am referring to requires that we focus on our actions, thoughts and spirit. My body and spirit felt good this morning after my run. I will commit to running each morning because it will help facilitate my effort to manifest our desired outcome. The physical act will symbolize my effort to reach our goals. I’d also like to commit to routine of preparation for a marathon, which will represent accomplishment. We WILL accomplish our goal of defeating this decease. I know that my dear friend’s energy will be taxed considering the chemotherapy and all, but I’d like for her to commit to some kind of physical activity, even if it’s simple stretches each morning. There’s a yoga and healing center that I connected with last summer. I’ve been in communication with the owner but have yet to visit. I’d like for us to visit soon.

Mixed Berries2

I’d like to also commit to reciting affirmations and prayers each day. I will meet with her soon so that we can start writing them. Now, another act that’s very important is committing to the routine of eating and drinking nothing but things that are good for us. There are so many recipes for juicing that I used back in my health conscious days. I will take action and break out the juicer and blender for us. I’ve already begun the process of educating myself on the decease and the various ways of treating it beyond chemotherapy. Ok, here we go!


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