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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein on Bike

I wanted to think and write about something else this morning, but a more dominant thought kept pushing its way through. I guess my planned upcoming entry about the lure of the rear view mirror (Edna Mode) will have to wait.

Morning thoughts are pure. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m a morning bird, but I do recognize how fresh our minds are and how open our spirit is in the morning. Even before I read about the “questions in the evening, answers in the morning” practice, I knew there was something to be said about morning clarity. If you’ve read The Artist Way by Julia Cameron you know what I’m referring to here.

Before I drifted off to sleep last night I held in my mind’s eye my manifest manifesto…. the things I’d like to manifest. It feels a little odd using those two words together but I’m going with it. Perhaps I’ll give this nightly practice the name, My Nightly Manifesto. According to Cameron, and many other gurus before her I’m sure, if you seek answers the night before, they will appear the morning after.  The key is to expect it. I understand that in spirit everything it thought provoked, so if I focus on a specific thought long enough with clear intention, I will gravitate toward it. If I fear or doubt the answer won’t be there, it will not appear. I MUST first expect it. And then create the time and quiet space the next morning to receive it.  Which is why I am up at 6 AM. The house is extremely quiet, although I do expect to hear the feet of my 8-year-old son soon, he’s definitely a morning bird.

Two thoughts were dominant in my mind this morning. Let’s see where they take me. The word urgency appeared and I felt that we should find a way to operate in that framework consistently everyday. Although things are in motion with scans and all other sorts of tests, my sister hasn’t started the actual cancer treatments yet. I’m confident that the doctors and all the other medical experts over there at the Karmanos Cancer Institute will take great care of her, but I think we should act on things NOW. Last night she sent me a picture text of a table full of groceries. There were all sorts of healthy foods.  I saw a few days ago where maple syrup and baking soda could kill cancer cells. I would not advocate for this because I also read many conflicting reports saying that it could actually accelerate cancer cell growth. If you’ve read earlier posts of mine you’ll know that I’m a practicing optimist, so I will definitely look into it. I imagine a skeptic saying something like… if it’s a cure why isn’t it widely known… wouldn’t the medical community have jumped on it already?

Imagine being cornered in a jungle by a hungry animal. It’s a pretty scary thought, especially if you were without a firearm. Would you simply do nothing? That may not be the best example because standing still may just be the best solution in that situation. I’m sure you understand my point. Something should be done, even if it means standing still. But in this particular context with the cancer issue, standing still is not an effective strategy. Fear of the unknown typically renders us powerless, paralyzing us with confusion and anxiety. We must be proactive, right? Action gives us power! It makes us feel as if our destiny is in our own hands. I’m not trying to play God here. I’m a firm believer that we are co-creators in this thing called life. I wouldn’t stand there directly in front of the wild animal and say, “Well, I guess God meant for me to be eaten, so I’ll just surrender and do nothing.”

Until my sister starts her chemotherapy, we must do something. So, over the next few days I will read articles about integrated cancer treatments and what she can start doing right now.


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