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The World is My Oasis


The world is my oasisby Jonathan East

I thought I’d post what I just sent a coworker of mine. While chatting earlier this morning I mentioned something about the importance of reciting affirmations and said that I’d write a few for her.  After emailing it to her, I thought maybe it’s something that I should be reciting as well.

I would like to also add that the idea to write these affirmations was sparked by an Eleanor Roosevelt quote. I’ve been carrying this around in my mind for years: “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

Today’s Affirmations

  1. I will not be defined by the opinion of others nor caged by the stifling walls of corporate America.
  2. My purpose and destiny reaches far beyond what anyone could ever imagine here at this organization.
  3. My strength, friendships and self-belief creates a protective armor that shields me from all negative energy today.


  1. Love your affirmations. I feel what you say.

  2. Inner World says:

    Thanks Marianna! Hope you’re doing well this evening.

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